10 Brilliant Ways To Reuse Food & Drink Containers

10 Brilliant Ways To Reuse Food & Drink Containers

Recycling Projects ~ Ways To Reuse Containers

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!  Do you have a collection of favorite containers, or just want to find a frugal way to become more organized?  Then this post is a must read!  Upcycling containers is not only cost efficient, but a fun way to add a little character to your decor.  Read through this list of 10 creative ways to reuse your empty food and drink containers, and I bet you’ll find a few new ideas.  Lots of fun recycling projects for your home.

Recycling Projects ~ 10 Brilliant Ways To Use Empty Food And Drink Containers

I love finding new ways to reuse containers in our house.  Currently all our dehydrated fruit is contained in large pickle jars, and I love using recycled materials in crafts with the kids.

Do you have a favorite way to upcycle or recycle containers in your house?

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Recycling Projects ~ 10 Brilliant Ways To Use Empty Food And Drink Containers

1.  Repurposed TicTac Boxes for Travel Spices from Seattle Sundries ~ Perfect way to store your spices and seasoning for your next camping trip.

2.  DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torch from Design Sponge ~ Create a little DIY ambience in your back yard with these easy to make Tiki Torches.

3.  DIY Sprinkler from Housing A Forest ~ Keep cool this summer and help the kids make their own sprinkler.  Yep its that easy, and your kids will love it!

4.  Glass Coke Bottles from Musings of a Kitchen Witch ~ Add a little style to your kitchen counter with a fun repurpose coke bottle.  Perfect for holding cooking oils and dish soap.

5.  Turn a Mason Jar into an Easy DIY Dispenser from One Good Thing ~ I love this simple trick for creating a pourable container.  Perfect for my collection of mason jars!

6.  Tin Can Grill from Dian Thomas ~ Did you know that you can create a mini grill from a tin can?  Perfect for scouting or camping cookout.

Recycling Projects ~ 10 Brilliant Ways To Use Empty Food And Drink Containers
7.  Mason Jar Blender Smoothie from Jenny Rambles ~ Oh wait…a mason jar fits on my blender?!?  I totally can’t wait to check it out!  Smoothies just got a whole lot easier!

8.  A Useful Re-use of Plastic Bottle Caps from Lush Home ~ Create a tight seal on any plastic bag using a plastic water bottle. Also makes it super easy to poor out your next serving.

9.  Tin Can Biscuits from Sprinkle Bakes ~ Make the perfect biscuits with a tin can!  No need to buy a biscuit cutter.  Just use the sharp edge of your tin can.

10.  Spice Jars from Crafty MisAdventures ~ Turn baby food jars into the most adorable spice jars.  The addition of chalkboard paint is my favorite part.  I’m a complete sucker for Chalkboard paint!

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  1. Hi! No you didn’t miss it. It was my first attempt and so I didn’t want to ccnorihle a potential disaster. lol. I used mod podge, a little water, and food coloring. Coated the inside, let it dry, and then baked in the oven on low for about 30 minutes. Pretty cool, huh?

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