Creative Container Garden Ideas

Creative Container Garden Ideas

10 Simple and Creative Container Garden Ideas

I am always looking for simple ideas for adding a little color to my garden in a unique way.    These ideas make me wish that I had a green thumb.  Totally should have payed more attention when mom was teaching me how to take care of plants.  Love you mom!

10 Creative Container Gardens10 of my favorite container gardening ideas

For full instructions click on either the link or image.

Metal tub hanging basket

Metal Tub Hanging basket ~ I have been drooling over this since I first pinned it.  What a simple and idea.  Hope I can get around to doing it this year!

DIY Plant Stand from Wood

Hanging Basket Wood Stand ~ What a great way to welcome guests into your home.  I love that they included easy to follow instructions on how to make one.  I think that the finial is adorable and the perfect finishing touch.

DIY chair planter

DIY Chair Planter ~ First of all, I LOVE the color!  Second, what a great way to give new life to an old broken chair.  I think I have the perfect spot for this in my back yard.

Chandelier Planter Tutorial

Chandelier Planter Tutorial ~ I adore chandeliers, I even tried to convince my hubby that we needed one in our chicken coop.  I totally love the idea of using one as a planter.

Wine Crate Planter DIY

DIY Wine Crate Planter ~ I love repurposing items.  This is another great example of a simple upcycle that is so easy and totally perfect.  Plus, I really love succulents.

Gumboot planters

Gumboot planters ~ Brighten your fence with these adorable rubber boot planters.  Perfect for that pair of rubber boots the kids just outgrew, or that pair that leak every time you walk in a puddle.  So cute!

Old Colander Succulent Planter

Old Colander Succulent Planter ~ How clever is this!  My favorite part…no need to grab the drill…all the drainage holes are already there.  Make sure to click on the link to see how the added the gorgeous blue color.

Rain Gutter Garden

Hanging Rain Gutter Garden ~ Visually appealing and space-optimizing rain-gutter garden!  How cool is that.  I could totally see this on our open front porch.

Tree trunk Planter for Succulents

Tree trunk Planter for Succulents ~ Simple and free, two of my favorite things.   Make sure to click on the link, because they have a number of different ways to use logs as planters.

How to Plant a Succulent Garden in an Ikea Cart

How to Plant a Succulent Garden in an Ikea Cart ~ I love IKEA, so I’ll take an excuse to a trip any time.  What an adorable idea and it can be moved any where.  Love the wheels!

What is your favorite way to add a little color to your garden?  This little “brown thumb”  would love to hear your tips and tricks!

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