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Making A House Our Home

Welcome to Inspired Home style.  My name is Tammy, and I’m the DIY enthusiast behind Inspired Home Style.

I truly believe that there is no place like home.  Is our home magazine perfect…absolutely not.  Do I shove things in the basement when people come over…all the time!  Is every meal I cook prepared from scratch…nope (shhhhh don’t tell my Mom).  However, those are the things that I love the most about us.

We are a real family, living life and having a blast in the middle of the chaos.  Our house is full of kids, and I desire to have a place where everyone feels welcome.  A place that we can curl our feet up on the couch or play a rowdy game with the kids.

I would love for you to join in as we do life and turn our house into a home.  A place where the kids want to bring their friends to hang out.  A place where it all happens…our home.

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