Organizing your Cleaning Gloves

Organizing your Cleaning Gloves

Hang Your Rubber Gloves

I fell in love this simple rubber glove organization tip while visiting friends.  Seriously, I had one of those…”why didn’t I think of that moments”.  I’ve tried tucking my ugly cleaning gloves in all kinds of places, but I either loose them or they don’t dry out.  Problem solved by simply organizing them in the right way!  Love it!

Simple tip for Organizing your kitchen gloves


  • 3M’s removable Command Adhesive Hooks ~ or any command hook
  • Shower ring with clip or Binder clip ~ You need something with a hang on the command hook.
  • Rubber Cleaning gloves

Simply add a command hook to the inside of the cabinet door and attach the shower clip to your gloves.  Thats it!  You will never loose your gloves again.

Simple tip for Organizing your kitchen gloves

TIP:  No one wants to put on a pair of wet rubber gloves when it’s time to do the dishes or scrub the bathroom.  So next time you peel off those bright yellow gloves hang them up inside a cabinet—open side down, which will prevent water from pooling in the fingertips.

I may have to try this with my dish rag and tea towels as well.  Quick and easy way to help them dry.

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